How to travel when you are not traveling?

There is an emotional, social and psychological vacuum for our globetrotting friends right now. Countries are shutting borders and we’ve been advised to travel no further than the supermarket a few blocks from our house. We’ve made plans and bought items for the trip and they are now hidden away, waiting for the day travel resumes. 

Sorry to deflate you further – we don’t know when that will be. So, why not hash some of these plans out and have some fun with them? We can create experiences right at home!


Camping at home

Did you want to take the kids camping? Got the tents and equipment ready but packed away in the cellar? Take them out. Set up the campsite in your garden, backyard or even your living room. Dinner’s ready? Serve them in the mess tins. You get to sleep in a tent but the comfort of proper shower and bathroom facilities. 


Create your own home spa

Booked a spa for your romantic honeymoon? Create a customised home spa for your other half and enjoy it together. Add some essential oils to your bath. Make some body scrubs and bath bombs at home. Or simply buy them. Choose the right music. Light some scented candles. Voila!


Visit tourist attractions virtually

Wanted to visit the Angkor Watt, the Eiffel tower, or the safari zoo? The internet is your tour guide. Read up about the history of the places you wanted to visit. Look up images and Google Earth. Read reviews on TripAdvisor to know what other tourists have experienced. Some of these attractions, like the Kruger National Park in South Africa, have even put up virtual tours now! 


Dine with the local cuisine

Food is an integral part to experience a different culture, and comes naturally when we travel. Look up recipes on how to prepare food from your travel destination. Watch videos on how to prepare them, or take a virtual cooking lesson! It is a cooking class experience right at home, too!

If the above is going to create more stress than help you relax, simply order takeaway from a restaurant that serves the cuisine. 


Watch a film set in the same city

After you’ve enjoyed your home cooked meal, or your takeaway, put on a movie that is set in the city that you had wanted to visit. Or a documentary related to it. The audio-visual cues will help you feel more connected to the place.


Play some local music

You can get almost any type of music on Spotify nowadays. So, throw on some Samba music if you had plans to visit Brazil, or put on the playlist from the same music festival from last year. Play it in the kitchen while you are cooking. Play it in the bathroom when you are taking your bath. Play it over dinner. Play it as a lullaby. You can be sure they’ll play in your dreams as well.


Take a few days off

Of course, a holiday is not a holiday if you are still working – even if you are just checking in every few hours to keep up with your WFH status. Take a few days off to give yourself the mental break you’ve so wanted. Properly unwind. Because, really, we don’t want a burnout amidst all the psychological effects lockdown’s had on us. 


Finally, keep calm and keep anxiety at bay. The very same places you’d wanted to visit will still be there when the COVID situation is under control. (They would probably become even more beautiful during this healing process given the lack of human pollution.) 

And don’t worry about having taken away the novelty of that planned holiday simply because you’ve tried to replicate the activities at home. It will not take away from the real thing. If anything, it might build up your anticipation further.

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